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Born and raised on a farm, I always told my parents I would move far away and live in a super big city. I could not wait. So of course, when I got married, we did the exact opposite and live two miles from my parents… on a farm. I love to do anything that doesn’t feel like work. I have a salon in my home, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. My clients tip me with homemade jam and blueberry bushes. I have a bearded beauty for a husband. His name is Jared, and he’s my heart’s favorite. We have four children. They all have four legs. We have prayed for two-legged children for several years now, but we’re trusting the Lord while we wait. I love to garden, and I treasure canning with my mom. I love being a homemaker. I also have been a distributor for young living essential oils for over two years now, and one of the biggest compliments I have ever received was being told I smelled like a tree. My hippie heart rejoiced. My 6 most favorite accomplishments are my nieces and nephews. My siblings would argue that I had no part in their creation, but in my heart I did. They make life so much fun and bring my heart so much joy. I have a savior who is the source of all things good in my life. Because of him, I am grateful to share my story.

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