Up Springs Hope Blog Post
November 20, 2018
Up Springs Hope Blog Post

A Baby shower of dreams come true


As brand new foster parents, with no previous children, the hubs and I had nothing baby in our home. So, once we were approved to be foster parents, some generous folks we hold very dear, showered us with so much love. And gifts. And fun.


It’s been almost seven years. Seven years of hoping and praying and dreaming. Times of attending countless other showers… all the while wondering if our day would ever come. Well, it did. And it was beyond anything I could’ve hoped or dreamed up myself.


So today my friends, we’re gonna take a ride down memory lane… to two months ago… because well, I’m a mom now. And it took me two months to get my life together to write this blog.  


I have the BESTEST friends in the world, and they went above and beyond for me. Guys, let me just go ahead and put this out there. If you’re waiting and longing for something in your own life, WHEN it does finally happen, you will be more grateful. Your people will be more excited. And, the best part?!? They’ll go all Kardashian on you because it’s FINALLY HAPPENING. Infertility does have its perks. 🙂  I may or may not have created a pinterest board (LOLOL)… but, these girls… they’re real special and did so so much for me. So, on with the deets.


If you haven’t made a trip to Boyce General Store, stop what you’re doing, and go. Right now. For breakfast. Or for pie. Or for both. I love supporting local businesses, and if you don’t know Brie and her family (the owners), then you are MISSING OUT. The location alone was #myfavorite. This old general store has been revamped by Brie, and it alone is an eye catcher. AND the most perfect backdrop for a vintage shower. Brie provided all the table linens… stop it right now.. I just can’t. I was also told afterwards, that she was so hands on with decorating and helping the hosts in every way she could. GO BRIE!


My homegirls, Kim, Amber, Anna, and Amy… along with my sisters… all came together and SLAYED IT. They thought of EVERY SINGLE detail, and it was seriously the prettiest shower I’ve ever seen. They even hired a photographer!!! Photo credits belong to Ally Gaebler, with A love for photography… and Rebecca Parrott. Becky ain’t a photographer, but she is a good ‘ole buddy who arrived early to capture all the details… and she did awesome. YAYAY!


Blair  and Kacey with KB Events & Designs was responsible for my adorable flower crown that I never wanted to take off. (I actually did wear it until bedtime that night.) They did all of the arrangements, and I was IN LOVE WITH THEM. One really fun detail I loved… all the mason jars  were my Mema’s. They do weddings and engagement parties and #allthethings… so HIT THEM UP! 

flowers by KB event design
my happy face.

I am super sentimental, and I love how my girlfriends incorporated sweet little details that I knew the story behind. The suitcase that held the cards… it was my Granny’s. Heart eyes for that. I’ve also got to give a shout out to my girl, Amber. She made all by herself the frame for the pictures. Y’all… presh. She also made all of the dreamcatchers and I can’t get enough of them!!!

vintage moss covered frame by Amber
My Granny’s suitcase
Amber’s creativity in the form of dream catchers


My girl, Amy J, ordered the sweetest ( in more ways than one) cookies from another friend, Laura with Hay Hay’s cookies. If you haven’t eaten a Hay hay cookie, DO IT. They are seriously delicious. And while I’m talking about cookies, let me go ahead and mention the cake they ordered. OMG so pretty and so yummy! It was vegan. And from Nashville. FANCY. Check out their instagram page, Thecationashville.


I wrote a letter to all of my guests, and the hosts gave party favors of succulents, wrapped in the most adorable paper with twine… I just loved every detail of everything with my entire heart. The centerpieces with the wooden blocks and vintage books… golly gee. So many details. So much love in the room. So WORTH. THE. WAIT.

desert table

hayhays cookies
my letter to guests

vintage vegan cake

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