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August 9, 2016
Up Springs Hope Blog Post



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Long, long ago,  there was magical kingdom planted deep in the forest. There was a princess who lived there with her Prince Charming in a dreamy castle, and they had four Royal children.  This is almost a true story. Except in real life, the magical kingdom was Richardsville, Kentucky…the Royal children were four dogs( all mutts)… and the castle was a 1200 square foot house with green cabinets and rooster wallpaper. The princess part is also almost true. I was a lot like Cinderella but with no evil step-sisters. And Instead of an evil step-mother, I had a crazy redneck neighbor. He didn’t make me scrub his floors, but he did call animal control every time my dogs got out. He also had a meth lab in is home. So, Basically it’s the same thing. Anyways, me and Cinderella had a lot in common. I always had to scrub our tile floors like a mad woman in our bathroom because of the grout being so light.  I would use a toothbrush, and it would take an hour on my hands and knees to cover like 20 square feet. (Square feet always confused me. The only way I passed geometry in high school was because my teacher felt sorry for me and let me turn in colorful pictures of that grid paper for extra credit. Wait. Did we learn about square feet in geometry? Or algebra? Never mind.) I actually have no idea how many square feet it was. What I do know is that you couldn’t get four human feet in there at the same time. Back to Cinderella.

So, scrubbing floors on your hands and knees is really hard work, y’all.( My mother in law does this on the daily, and she should win a free trip to Australia… Or a new car… Or at least a free weekly massage. Too bad Oprah retired. ) When I scrubbed that tile with all my heart, I used a little chemical called BLEACH. Well, the first time I scrubbed it with that, not only did I scratch up my glass slippers, but I had this weird taste in my mouth for several hours afterwards. I didn’t make the connection. I thought… Hmmm. This is weird. I guess I need to eat some cookies to get rid of this gross taste. So I did. Then, the second time I scrubbed with bleach, for several hours I noticed that familiar taste. Omg. The bleach. It suddenly dawned on me that I was inhaling this toxic chemical, and it obviously got into my blood stream. So seriously, for hours afterwards, the taste lingered. I tasted that Poisonous product… Because I breathed it in for an hour as I scrubbed my floors. Do y’all know how long it takes to get a product we smell and breathe in into our blood stream? 22 seconds. Your blood stream. Think about that. Would you inject bleach into your veins? Because you might as well if you’re cleaning with it and smelling it… And then, think about that rag you’re using with bleach all over it? Well, you’re touching that with your hands… And it’s going straight into your skin, (your largest organ by the way) and then right on into your blood stream. If you’re like me, when learning about all these hazardous chemicals, you want to be like Cinderella and run away from the bathroom with  broken pearls, a torn gown, in a mess of tears… with only one slipper.

But wait! Cinderella doesn’t drown in a puddle of her own tears, does she? Her fairy godmother shows up. Now the fairy godmother in this story doesn’t have wings or turn a pumpkin into a coach…. But it DOES make your floors sparkle and toilets glisten with magic. I’d rather have a clean house than a pumpkin coach anyways. I mean, I have a car.

So whom might my fairy godmother be? Well, I’m so glad you asked. It just happens to be an essential oil called thieves. I got introduced to oils a couple years ago, and my starter kit and Prince Charming have a lot in common. They both came in at the perfect time, and they’ve totally saved me from so many horrible bleachy moments. The oils were even delivered on a white horse. Okay, okay. It was the local Fed Ex guy. Leave me alone.

Thieves oil is so spectacular that Young Living decided to make an entire line of everything thieves. It replaces literally every other cleaning product in your house. It smells like cinnamon and clove and all things wonderful. Mix it with orange in the fall time and you don’t need silly fall candles with a whole other list of toxins. Number one, it kills everything. Number two, it smells amazing. Number three, it’s the only cleaning product you need. I clean my hardwood floors, stainless appliances, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, and husband all with the thieves household cleaner. The best part about it? It comes super concentrated so a bottle of it lasts a long time.. Way past midnight. You can dance in those slippers and ball gown all night long on a sparkly clean dance floor when using that cleaner all over the place.

So, guess what? All of your magical fairy  princess dreams can come true… like right now. I’m gonna tell you how. The first option… you can sign up for a membership with YL and get a premium starter kit. It comes with thieves and ten other amazing oils. AND a diffuser.  Holler. There is also a thieves starter kit that will knock your dirty socks off and clean them for you. Both are fantastic deals. So much thieves goodness in that kit you won’t know what to do with yourself. But you will be so clean and smell so good. You can learn more and purchase either of those kits here.

But guess what else?!! If you are new to oils and really don’t know where to begin, but Cinderella is your favorite Disney princess, and you want to be like her when you grow up, then listen up.  I have a total magical gift just for you.  Call a few of your king’s horses and all of your king’s men, and I will come teach a class for you. It doesn’t have to be fancy or even take place in a castle… just you and a few friends. I promise you won’t regret it. I may even wear my glass slippers. When you do this,  I’m gonna be like your fairy godmother and offer something super fun for you. If you host a class between now and the end of October,  I will give you a basket of thieves goodies… A spray bottle filled with cleaner ready to clean those toilets… a thieves spray that is great for those grocery buggy handles, public restrooms, or your kid’s classroom this fall… And a thieves hand foam soap that will make your soap filled dreams come true. You’ll also receive a few bonus oil blends… Popular amongst us oilers! You’ll walk away with this awesome thieves filled basket of goodness, but even better… the knowledge and power to take control of your own health. Guys, wishes really do come true. Message me here to get started!

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Margie Weeks

Oh my goodness! Sign me up for a class! I want Cinderella to come to my house!!! Seriously, Cristen, you could write books about this. Seriously.

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