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March 29, 2016
Up Springs Hope Blog Post



Years ago, I was randomly watching YouTube videos, and I came across this adorable little boy with really cute hair. He was singing an R&B song, and I thought to myself…”Dang. He’s good. Like really, really good.” Well from that moment on, I began to follow him on you tube and even went to work one day showing the video to all my coworkers, telling them that this kid is gonna be famous one day. Even more famous than Justin Timberlake.

And then it happened. I was driving down the road one day listening to Sirius radio, and this super catchy upbeat song came on. I said to myself, ” What is this majestic, melodious tune?” I cranked it up, and my head began to bob simultaneously with the beat. “What is going on here?”, I thought? This song is magical. This voice sounds familiar. And then, there it was. I couldn’t believe it. On the screen under the song title, I saw the name of the kid I had been following on you tube. In that moment, I felt like a mother who had bore a child through her loin. I felt responsible for this wonderment being broadcasted across the stereo. His stardom was in part, mine. So when you ask me, ” Why oh why Cristen… do you love him so?”  My response will always be, ” Because I helped make him famous.”

My bridesmaids walked down the aisle to his musical art. It did, however, crush my soul a little bit when my musician refused to sing the lyric, ‘shawty’.  I don’t really understand why. . My husband and I danced to him at our reception. He has been there for me on some of the biggest days of my life. I feel like it’s only fitting, I return the favor and love him right back. Sure he’s made mistakes. Haven’t we all? Sure he’s said ugly things sometimes to the wrong people. But I’m sure glad my early twenties weren’t documented for the world to see or I would be singing, “Sorry” all the live long day. To answer your question sweet boy, it’s never too late to say you’re sorry… Never.

Aside from all of these things I’ve already mentioned, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the reasons why he is so awesome. There are a lot of haters out there, but I ain’t got nothin’ but love for him. If Oprah was impressed by you, I’m sure I would be too. If Ellen thinks you’re hilarious, well then… Duh… U have to be. So this ones for you my friend. For the teenage boy who took the world by storm and it’s never been the same. For the one and only, Justin Bieber.

Reasons why he is so awesome:

  1. He plays four musical instruments, not counting his superb vocal chords… Which makes 5. How many do you play?
  2. He could play the drums like a boss at age 3. Most 3 year olds I know are eating their own boogers and can’t even play a dang recorder without making me question my love for music.
  3. He is really funny in real life. Don’t you dare ask me if I have met him in person. I’m referring to real life as in television interviews with James Corden and Ellen Degeneres.
  4. He can dance like a maniac. Like he has serious dance moves. Moon walks for days. Wha?!? You don’t have to like him to appreciate those mad skillz that pay his billz.  He could pay mine too if he wanted.
  5. He has really great hair. This should be two reasons.
  6. The boy can really sing. I actually get seriously defensive of him over this issue. His records are marketed to the teenage girls who love him so. ( and this 33 year old of course)… But just because some particular songs don’t showcase his full vocal range, does NOT mean he doesn’t have one. Watch a you tube video of the acoustic version of one time and then argue with me again. I dare you.
  1. He is a really good hockey player. Most artsy singers suck at athletics. Way to be multi- faceted.
  2. He loves his fans. And they love him. He sure has made a belieber out of me.
  3. He’s beautiful. This isn’t really a reason why he’s awesome. But those big brown eyes and adorable smile are all it would’ve taken for his magazine spreads to have covered my bedroom wall in middle school. I would have them hanging on my wall now if my husband wouldn’t act so silly about it.
  4. One of my good friends, Rebecca, surprised me with an adorable pair of ladies undergarments that said, “I love Justin Bieber” on the rear. She may have given them to me at my lingerie shower. I may have worn them on my honeymoon. This doesn’t showcase Justin’s awesomeness but it does showcase my friends’. I chose them. And I choose Justin Bieber. Forever and ever, amen.

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Leah Ellis
Leah Ellis

That. Is. Amazing.
And I solemnly swear to never forget his name again. Never.

Cara Lee Stewart
Cara Lee Stewart

You are sooooo hilarious.

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