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Up Springs Hope Blog Post
June 30, 2016
Up Springs Hope Blog Post

Two and a half years ago, one of my bestest friends, Kim, called me to talk about a new business adventure. She and I started using essential oils within a couple days of each other, and she had decided to start sharing with others to try and grow a business. My reaction was less than kind. I was ugly. I was mean. I think I even made her cry. Maybe it was the protective mothering in my heart, but the thought of my friend being a part of a multi-level marketing company made me uncomfortable. I think it was in part due to a bad taste in my mouth left from another company who had sales reps far more than pushy. I think another part of me was afraid there was some type of “scam” involved or that she would have to build for years before seeing a positive return. But the main source of my frustration, was ignorance. Simply put.

Now, all this time later, I have eaten my words…I have began growing my business with young living, and I genuinely love it. I love it for lots of reasons, and I will be listing a few. However this post isn’t a plug for Young Living; although I am happy to share oily stories with anyone who will listen :)… This is about something more. It is about my choice as a wife, homemaker, and part- time hair dresser to share with others something I genuinely love and make some money doing it. I used to be embarrassed about this. I don’t know why. Pride maybe… But more than pride, I think fear. I think I was afraid of what people would think of me. I was afraid of judgement of others. But something has changed in my heart. I don’t really care what others think of me anymore. Yes, of course, I struggle like everyone else, but the fear of someone’s words behind my back don’t keep me from sharing about oils. They have changed my life… For the better. And God gets every single ounce of that glory. I mean, he’s the one who created them anyways. I have been given the opportunity to  talk about something I love that genuinely helps people… Helps their families and supports their health… And I can talk about Gods creation in the midst of it all! And the bonus… I get paid for it. Wow! I love it.

This brings me to the topic at hand… multi-level marketing companies. People lose their dang minds over someone they know promoting their business on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. And heaven forbid, you try and  talk to unsupportive friends and family.  There are lots of companies I’m sure you have all heard about… Rodan and Fields, Younique make-up, or plunder jewelry; to name a few. I realize that some people can me really annoying…posting new status updates every fifteen minutes saying basically the same thing. I realize it can be overwhelming when Sally Sue wants to just look at Jill’s family vacation photos at the beach without getting comments from others about Beauty Counter sunscreen. I get it. I do. But you know what annoys me?  When I quit eating dang sugar, and as I scroll through my feed in the middle of my  crack-cocaine detox…I stumble across ten million recipes for pie. Or cookies. Or a pie that tastes like a cookie. I mean, thats what Pinterest is for guys… But you know what I do?!? I scroll past it as quickly as possible.. unless it is white chocolate raspberry something. Then I wallow in self-pity.  But serious, you do NOT have to read them if it ruins your life.  Back to the topic on hand.

I do not for one second, condemn any wives/mothers who work full time at a normal 9-5 job to provide for their families. So please don’t hear me say that. But it is really disheartening to me when I hear/read such negative comments about those of us who choose to work from our home for extra income. First and foremost, I want to be a wife, second, God willing, a mom. And third, a business woman. Whether or not that job is behind a desk at an office building across town or in my kitchen at my laptop while my kids eat Cheerios, is irrelevant. I mean people, what is the flippin’ problem?!? These direct sales companies provide a way for mothers to be at home with their kids. It provides women like me, who desire to be a wife first, the ability to make a living for her family…while being a homemaker.

I have heard so many stories of women being ugly to other women because one of them wants to invest her time in an at home business. It’s ludacris, really. You know what else is ludacris? The idea that women selling their own goods is a new concept. Have you ever read proverbs 31? The picture of a “perfect” wife and mom? Well guess what, she’s packing up her make-up, essential oils, and facial cleanser and heading down to the local market to sell it…. To make money for her family. Say what?!?!?!? It ain’t no joke. Read it.
And while I’m on a tangent, something else that really burns my britches is women NOT supporting other women…Especially their friends and family members who decide to try to better their family’s financial status. If your friend, sally Jessie comes to your pampered chef party and buys a spiralizer (those things are awesome), but you don’t even have the courtesy to respond to an invite to her skin care class, then you lose. I have several friends who sell products that have ingredients in them I choose not to use. But you know what I do?!? I wish them success… To their face. I sincerely hope they sell the crud out of those spiralizers, mascara, or whatever it is they sell. I like their status updates, and if I ever have a client or friend looking for something in that line of products, I will send them their way. That’s what friends do for each other. I realize some people just want to be haters, and they’re gonna hate on whatever it is you’re doing. But I want my friends to know I support whatever it is they choose to do with their career, their home, and how they choose to raise their babies. I want to be confident enough in who I am in Christ that I can love, encourage, and be my friends’  biggest supporter. Adding to that, when people have an issue with someone they buy from “making money off of them”… Well this doesn’t even make sense. I am a hair dresser. I make money off people every day. That dentist of yours who just charged you $1000 for a crown… Well NEWS FLASH… That crown didn’t cost him 1,000. You are paying for his service. The service of dentistry. Paying people for services is in every day business here in the good ‘ole USA. If You buy a house, The realtor gets paid for showing you the home. If You buy a vacation, the travel agent gets paid for helping your plan it. I know this is shocking to y’all… Crazy, right? If I share with my friends and family the goodness of oils and they decide to purchase a kit to better their lives… I get a bonus from young living. That’s not making money off of my friends. That’s getting paid by a generous company who gives their members perks when they share about their products.
I’m so glad I grew out of my ignorance when lashing out at my good ole buddy, Kim. And over two years later, we are literally doing this together. Best. Job. Ever.
God has poured his blessings on this business, and I am proud to be a part of a company that not only has amazing products, but that also provides for my family and allows me to share my faith every time I share the oils. So the next time someone gives you grief about you selling jewelry, kitchen knives, or essential oils, you turn to them and sing the words of T- swift,
” Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate… Shake it off”. Boom. Taylor always wins. And so does your at-home business.

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