Nursery Dreams Finally coming true

Up Springs Hope Blog Post
April 6, 2019
Up Springs Hope Blog Post

One really sore spot for me… through the last seven years… is seeing everyone else create a space for their babies. I LOVE decorating. I LOVE being creative. And I LOVE putting all of my heart and soul into something and the satisfaction it brings when its finally finished. It may or may not have taken me the length of a pregnancy I didn’t have to finish… but HEY. its done.

First off, when we decided to become foster parents, we had no idea what the Lord would send us. We were open to any gender and children up to age 4.  And I had one room to do it all in. Not too baby. Not too old. Boy or Girl. I love a challenge. And I love how it all turned out.

It’s a large room with two closets. And, it’s like God knew before we moved here that it would be perfect for us and our future children. He’s awesome like that. I thought of a ton of different configurations, and the original plan was to do two twin beds and one crib. I NEVER thought we would have two infants at once. But, there God goes again… being awesome.

I love farmhouse mixed with whimsical and retro and happy rays of sunshine. I knew I wanted lots of color in this room. The entire nursery was actually built around one thing. That dang elephant circus print by the amazingly talented Helen Dardik. If you want to live your best life, follow her on Instagram. Buy all of her prints. I CAN NOT EVEN DEAL.

I actually was super bummed when I tried to get that print in larger than an 8×10. It wasn’t possible. Believe me, I tried. But, either way, I still love it. And i found it years ago and never forgot it. And as soon as we found out we were approved, it was my very first purchase for the nursery. The two prints above the crib are from her shop… along with the bear print above the changing station. And of course, if you’ve followed our story at all, you know I had to have the verse about sparrows.

I tried to budget where I could, but I definitely splurged on a couple things. Listen here, I waited seven years for this. And I don’t feel bad about it. It’s actually the first room in my entire house thats officially 100% DONE. Its a small miracle, really. When I think about our third bedroom that is currently my husband’s office… it makes me want to kick him out and get a third kid… just so I can decorate another room.

The rug was purchased from, and I got it like 60% off. In hind site, I should’ve gotten a larger one, but oh well. I love the print! Its super neutral for all the color in the room. The green crib made me sing songs of jubilee, and it was reasonably priced too. HOLLER. I got it from Target. That yellow rocker, though y’all?!? I found it at a consignment store several years ago for thirty buckaroos… and it sat in my living room forever. I love that bad boy. It rocks and turns and its my favorite. I had intentions initially to buy a different rocker for the nursery, but I took that one in there one day just to see how it made me feel… and well, it never came back out. Best thirty dollars ever spent.  I rock my sweet boy in it every single night, crying over his sweet head, singing and praying over his life. Mamas, get yourself a rocker. And rock those babies and pray over their lives. DO IT.

My home girl, Amber, helped me so so much with decisions, and she also introduced me to Facebook Marketplace. Its such a blessing. and a curse… cause it makes you buy things. But mostly a blessing. I found the mid century dresser in louisville for $100, and even though it had gum stuck in two of the top drawers, I would do it over again. It may have taken two girls and a stranger waiting for the nearby bus stop to load it, but it was WORTH IT.

The white metal twin bed was from amazon for less than $200, and I put it together myself. In fact, i put the crib together myself too. Jared Powers, where were you? Either way, I love it! Its sturdy and adorable and exactly what I wanted.

When we found out baby number two was coming, I decided on a mini crib. I had several friends who had them and raved about them. But this is my number one reason why I got one.  Our older baby sleeps like a dream come true. And I don’t want to do anything to wreck that. So, the idea that I can easily move that mini crib in and out of the room any time I want… is golden. And the fact that it fits perfectly in the space left on that wall… also golden.

And while we’re talking about golden things of life… I needed something to fit on the wall in-between the two closets. I didn’t know what I was gonna get, and then out in my garage one day, I found a chest I had purchased to redo a LONG time ago… and BAM. It was perfect. Meant. To. Be. Procrastination pays off, people. I painted it the same color as the walls… which by the way are Benjamin Moore White dove. Its my personal favorite for a soft white in a home. My kitchen cabinets and entire house trim is white dove. Love it. With the honeycomb wall paper pop, it worked great.

Speaking of the wallpaper… Etsy. Affordable. Went on great. Perfection. I’m real glad I have a mother in law whose super power is hanging wallpaper perfectly, because it sure comes in handy. And when you’re a beekeeper, honeycomb becomes even more special.

While I’m on the walls… the custom shelving gave the room so much life and allowed me to give the room the perfect finishing touches. Lindsay Scarborough with Wildwood Revival… you guys… can’t say enough amazing things about her. Number one, she’s so fun and I want to be her best friend. Number two, she has amazing ideas and brings great creativity to the table. Number three, their work was so good. They did two floating shelves for us above the dresser/changing station and the seven foot long picture ledge made my picture hanging dreams come true. My dreams for picture hanging include not having to hang pictures at all! So, she did exactly just that. Her installer couldn’t have been nicer, and they’re doing a custom mantle for us here soon! Highly recommend them.

Now for the tiny details that pull a room together and give us all the fuzzies. The quilt hanging over the mini crib… it was my Mema’s. The funny thing is, it wasn’t really my style years ago when I got it after she passed away. But, there God goes showing off again, because if I didn’t have this gift from her, I would’ve purchased one just like it. The quilt on the edge of the bed was from my Mom… in mint condition.  I love cute stuff. But when you add sentimental value to it… just stop right there.

The wooden box I use for diaper storage has an old license plate I found while thrifting a few years ago with my friend.  I had to buy it when I saw it was Warren County and an awesome color. I adhered it to an old wooden box, and Boom goes the dynamite.

The three fruit prints are from Sweden. Listen. I had to convert the cost to american to make sure I didn’t pay a thousand a piece for them (lol)… BUT, they were super affordable. What wasn’t so much affordable was the cost of custom framing from Hobby Lobby. oops. You win some. You lose some. That was probably the biggest splurge. BUT… I love me some of them apples. ( and tomatoes and pears)

Mobile.. DEAD. It turned out just like I had pictured, and for all you crazy mamas who are afraid of it falling and becoming a choking hazard… it hangs on the outside of the crib. 🙂 It just makes me happy when I look at it. The little crocheted succulents on the open shelving… are just so presh. Etsy again, of course.

The fox and raccoon have a special story. I purchased them literally when we began trying seven years ago to grow our family. Woodland creatures weren’t really a thing yet, but of course they became one before our nursery got put together. Several years ago, I almost got rid of them, but ended up stuffing them in a box in the back of our closet… because I had almost lost hope that I would ever be a mama. Well, I’m so glad I never got rid of them. They’re a reminder of the worth it wait.

No room in this house is complete without a diffuser; which we use every night. Its our jam, and if diffusing peace and calming at bed time helps our guy sleep 12 hours uninterrupted, then #givemeallthepeaceandcalming. So, here it is. Our kids room. All in favor of filling up that twin bed with a third little, raise their hand! ( I gotta convince the hubs)


*Almost all photos were taken by Jordan Talley photography in Bowling Green, KY.  She is AMAZING.*

mid century dresser and changing station
Wildwood Revival custom shelving and vintage license plate
nursery decor
vintage toys and crocheted succulents 
helen dardik art
whimsical mobile
Chest I redid with triangle shelves and framed vintage children’s books

handmade lovey

granny square quilt from my Mema
twin metal bed

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Nursery Dreams Finally coming true
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