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March 29, 2017
Up Springs Hope Blog Post



I used to be a meal planner. I planned my weekly menu out every Sunday, and every Monday I went grocery shopping… and Cooking dinner at home Monday-Thursday.  It was life-changing. It saved us money, and I loved being a Sally home-maker. Life has changed a lot for us in the last year… in all good ways, and I’m so thankful! But now, I am teaching essential oil classes a couple days a week, and for some reason, my hair clients have normal 9-5 jobs WHA?!? And need night time appointments. This leaves me with a “What’s for dinner” food  crisis. I either cook dinner at 8 pm when I’m exhausted, or I end up going and getting take-out.  Number one, that costs lots of dolla dolla billz y’all. Number two, it has put more junk in my trunk than I really need. And more jelly in my hubby’s belly. But, against what Beyonce has always taught us, I am totally ready for his jelly. I love him. And as he said to me a few days ago, “ Honey, I’ve always loved full-grown women.” And, I said, “ UMMMM… do you mean full-figured?!?” #winning.


So, anyways, we decided to do one of these food delivery service things… HELLO FRESH. I chose this company for two reasons… good ones.  Number one,  their logo was really cool. Number two the face of their company was a beautiful, tall, and lean model… with amazing hair. I know that’s superficial. But, I’m  just being honest.  If eating those meals will make me look like her, I will live in the cardboard box that they deliver the food in so that I can afford to do it every week.


Moving on. So, I had a coupon for the package that included 3 meals for 2 people. Normally, it’s $59.94 a week for this option, but I got the first week for $29. Holler. I chose the “Fit” option that is lower in calories.  The box arrived with a huge ice pack in it. This is super fun, because you get to keep it. Who doesn’t love a free ice pack?!? Each meal was in its own box, and the recipe cards were on 8×10 cardstock… with pictures! My eight year old niece could figure it out. So, super user friendly.


The first meal was SWEET AND SPICY APRICOT CHICKEN… served with green beans and couscous. On the card, it lists all the ingredients you will need… and immediately I noticed that I was missing the chili peppers. So, that took the spicy right out of the sweet. I called their customer service, and they really were super apologetic and kind. They credited my account $20 for a future order, and I was like…”Well, you can just leave an ingredient out every single week we order, if you’re gonna give me a $20 coupon!”  That was an expensive chili pepper.  I began to read through the instructions, and immediately I was like, “HOLD UP!” This recipe called for a pan for the chicken, a pan for the veggies, a dish for the chicken to go in after I used the pan… a saucepan for the glaze, a saucepan for the couscous, and a partridge in a pear tree. I was like, this is insane in the membrane. I try to dirty up as few dishes as possible when I prepare dinner. So, to have to wash literally like 5 dishes was real dumb. REAL DUMB.


So, I did what anyone in my situation would do. I said, to heck with these instructions. I’m gonna do whatever the heck I want. So, I did. I cooked the chicken in the skillet, and then I added the veggies to the same skillet. SHHHH. Then, when it was time for the glaze, I just poured it all in there. Obviously, a husband who doesn’t do dishes wrote that recipe. This dish was filling and tasty… not like OMG amazeballs… but good.


The second dish we tried was THAI SPICED PORK AND RICE NOODLE STIR FRY.  I had already learned how Hello Fresh rolls, and I immediately threw those instructions out my kitchen window when they listed skillet after skillet for preparation. I just put everything in one skillet together.  Now, of course, this makes the dish less pretty. I get it. But, I ain’t got time to live in a land of perfection. Beauty is found within, and as long as that dish tastes good in my belly I don’t care if it’s ugly.  This dish called for rice noodles, which I’ve never used before. I prepared them per directions… but they will had a rubbery texture to them when they were done. My dog, Boston, however… thought they were delish. All in all, I rate it a 6 -7 on a scale of 1-10. The flavors of the veggies and pork were good, and my husband approved.


Dish number three is still in my fridge. Oops. We were out of town all weekend, and last night, my husband surprised me when he brought dinner home. I do plan on fixing it tonight, but this leads me to my next point…. Food delivery services would be so much better if they came with an actual CHEF. Like, I need Bobby Flay or Jamie Oliver to show up with a bag of utensils, a bottle of wine, and a chef hat to cook me dinner. I would pay double for that. Maybe triple. I would take out a loan to afford them if they would stay after dinner and do the dishes. Why can’t I be a Kardashian?!? I would have a thin waist line, perfect nails, and eat great all of the time if I had a personal chef. If I ever get rich, this will be my number one purchase. After I feed the starving children and save all the dogs…and buy my black range rover with black rims… like Khloe.
So, in conclusion, delivery food service was fun, but it still doesn’t really resolve our issue of cooking. Dang. I did enjoy not going to the grocery store, but, in real life, if you want snacks for your kids, and lunch for you, then you would still have to go to the grocery store anyways.  I will be, however, using them again with my coupon. Run and tell that. If I find a paleo friendly, delivery food service, with affordable food already prepared… that my husband likes…I will keep them in business.   


Hello fresh box for food delivery
Hello fresh box for food delivery
Recipe cards for three meals
Recipe cards for three meals
Boxes for each meal
Boxes for each meal
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